Getting Started with San Diego Dog Surfing

Dog Surfing is getting huge both in San Diego and around the world.  There are hundreds of active dog surfing enthusiasts, plus the enthusiastic dogs themselves, who jump at the opportunity to grab their boards and head to the water.  If you haven't already let this sport infiltrate your soul, there is no better time to get started.  Let San Diego Dog Surfing be your guide.

San Diego Dog Surfing shows dogs how to really liveDon't have a dog or surfboard?  No problem!  You can experience this great sport in a number of ways.  The best way to jump right into it and get a feel is to attend a dog surfing competition.  San Diego is the nation's hotbed for dog surfing competitions with its annual Loews Coronado Bay Surf Dog Competition.  Other great ways to share in the zany fun of San Diego dog surfing is to watch a few of the dog surfing videos or photos.  They will shock you, then fill you with a warm, puppy dog feeling.  Or, you could get a dog surfing calendar so that you can enjoy the pleasure of looking at dogs surfing every day of the year. 

This really is a fun thing to watch with all the family and something that will live long in your memory.

Once you are hooked (and trust me, you will be!), it is time to invest in a dog and surfboard and catch a few waves.  San Diego, with its great weather and consistently perfect dog surfing waves, is the place to be.  If you don't live in San Diego, you should probably pack up your new dog and surfboard and move.

Don't forget to share at your San Diego dog surfing experiences

Please contact us to share your San Dieog dog surfing success stories, videos, photos.  Heck, you might even see your pooch as the Dog Surfer of the Day!  We look forward to hearing from you.