There are really only 2 dog surfing competitions that are worth your time.  However, that is like saying that there are only 2 Olympics (Summer and Winter) that are worth your time.  The level of talent is astounding and competition is fierce.  Year after year, these brave dogs risk their itty bitty dog souls in order to gain the ultimate honor: winner of the dog surfing competition. As a testament to the great dog surfing culture of the area, both of these competitions are held in the San Diego area.  San Diego is truly the center of the dog surfing universe.

 The pinnacle of dog surfing competitions is the annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition.  Dogs at this competition do not win any money because they are dogs and dogs are not allowed to have money.  However, this competition raised over $10,000 for charity last year. 

The other superbly important dog surfing competition is the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon.  This competition also screws the dogs out of monetary gains from their athletic achievement, but it does raise thousands of dollars for the Helen Woodword Animal Center. Some of the bravest dogs 'roid up and compete in both competitions.

Dogs on surfboards are really cute and funny.  It is likely that both of these competitions will garner national media attention and will be featured on national news stations.  If you enter your dog, and he wins, you might be on TV!