How to get going with San Diego Dog Surfing

If you want to go dog surfing, you've come to the right place.  First, you'll need a dog and a big, thick, buoyant surfboard.  Once you've got those, you're almost ready to go.  Follow the 4 steps below and your dog will be surfing in no time.

  1. Your dog has to like water.  Some dogs do and some dogs don't.  It is up to you to ensure that your dog does not freak out when it gets wet or it could go crazy and hurt itself or someone else.  We don't want to give dog surfing a bad name.  So ease it in.  Bring your dog to the beach a few times and coax him into the waves.  Dump salt water on him if you need to.
  2. Once your dog is comfortable in the water, it is time to get the pooch on a surfboard.  There are two techniques for this.  Both should be practiced when there are almost no waves.  Summer is a great time for San Diego dog surfing because the waves tend to be smaller.  An angry sea will scare your dog.  The first method is to get your dog to stand on the board in just a couple inches of water (by force if necessary) and gradually pull the board into deeper water.  You may have to hold the dog on the board, and is often easier with two people.  The second method iis to go swimming with your dog in deeper water and pull the board out with you.  Try to get the dog to climb up on the board on its own.  Once they realize the board is a stable place to crawl out of the water, you're almost there.
  3. Once your dog is comfortable standing on the board, it is time to dog surf.  Find a day with small (1-2 ft) waves.  Once the dog is on the board, face the board toward the shore, wait for a wave, and gently push the surfboard so that it catches the wave.  It is essential that you push gently because you don't want your dog to freak out and run away.
  4. Practice, Practice Practice.  You own the dog, and your dog can own those waves.  Which pretty much means you can own those waves.  Get out there for some San Diego dog surfing. 

Now that you know what you are doing, you need to know where you should go dog surfing in San Diego. Try our list of locations that will show you the best beaches, complete with directions and dog restriction info.