There is nothing like San Diego dog surfing

Dogs surf at locations around the world.  We all know that.  However, the best dog surfing locations in the world are in San Diego.  That is why San Diego's beaches host the biggest and best dog surfing competitions. 

Not all San Diego beaches are dog friendly.  However, the beaches that do allow dogs are world class for dog surfing.  Do names such as Ocean Beach, Imperial Beach, and Del Mar conjure images of dogs surfing?  They should.  Grab the surfboard and the dog and head to one of these great spots.  Even if you do not have a dog, but want to watch some great San Diego dog surfing, you should still check out these beaches.  Bring your camera, and if you get any good shots, send them to us.  We'll put them up.

Ocean Beach Dog Beach

Ocean Beach allows dogs without a leash on the north part of the beach, called "Dog Beach."  The waves are moderate and a good for a dog to to surf on.  While there are no competitions held at this San Diego dog surfing location, you will often see dogs on surfboards.

 Directions: Take Interstate 8 westbound to the end, then take a left on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. Take a right at the signalized intersection of Santa Monica Avenue and follow it to the beach.  There are several parking lots in the area, as well as street parking.  Dog Beach is the sandy north part of the beach.  Check signs before taking your dog off his leash.


Imperial Beach

This is the location of the world famous Loews Surf Dog Competition that put San Diego dog surfing on the map.  It is held every June, but you should get out there right away so that your dog can practice.  Lots of other people bring their dogs out, so you can sit on the beach and watch if you'd like.

Directions:  From Interstate 5 north or south, exit Palm Avenue and head west toward Imperial Beach.  Turn right at Seacoast Drive.  The beach entrance is about a block up.  There is only street parking available. 


Del Mar North Beach (aka River Mouth, aka Dog Beach)

This is the location of the prestigious Surf-A-Thon that attracts thousands of spectators every year.  It is also the best place to introduce a dog to surfing because of its nice waves, sandy beach, and friendly atmosphere.  You are likely to see other dog surfers out and people are more than willing to share tips.

Directions: From Interstate 5 north or south, exit Via de la Valle and head west, following signs to Solana Beach/Del Mar.  Turn left on Highway 101/Camino del Mar and park wherever you see a spot. 


Once you pick a location, read our simple dog surfing instructions that will walk you through the process and get you and your dog surfing in no time.